Shattering the Mirror: Support and Recovery for Adult Children of Narcissists

This group is gender-inclusive and ideal for adults of all ages. It is geared toward those interested in learning more about and receiving support for issues related to relationship difficulties with narcissistic parents/caregivers. The group is biweekly and meets every other Thursday from 12pm to 1:15pm. The group is currently mostly female with one member who identifies as non-binary. For more information please visit

LOCATION: 100 S. Broad St., Suite 1515 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19110 CONTACT: Alisa Stamps, MSS, LCSW 484-416-1160 AGE: Young and Emerging Adults and Adult GENDER: Male, Female, Transgender M to F, Transgender F to M, and Non-binary Daytime: Thursdays 12pm-1:15pm

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